Tuesday, August 16, 2016

10 Ideas to Make Politics Less Rotten

Freakonomics Radio: 10 Ideas to Make Politics Less Rotten

In my dreamworld, every person in the United States would listen to this. (I'm far too Libertarian to say "every person would be required.") It's just too good. It's too right. It's in every possible way completely needed. People need a better education about how the politics in the United States works from an unbiased and actually educated and experienced source. And this podcast episode does a great job of breaking it down and explaining things in just the right now. (In my humble opinion.)

Ever heard of the Seattle idea of "Democracy Dollars?" Personally, I love it. (And you can bet that if we had that system at the federal level, there is no way Trump or Hillary would be our current candidates.)

No cheering at debates? Please and thank you! Listen, I've been one of the staffers sent to a debate to make as much noise as possible. I know how completely rigged those audiences are.

And Howard Dean is spot on (never thought I'd say that) about the Electoral College.

Go listen to it. It's great. It's interesting. And it just might open your mind.

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

I Choose Religious Freedom

Recently I read an article about Gary Johnson (Libertarian candidate) and religious liberty. It turned me 100% against him.
But his exclusive piece in today's Deseret News, has turned me 100% to him. I highly recommend reading it.
Whereas I've been a Libertarian for a while now, it was his out-of-context comments about Mormons and religious freedom that turned me against him. Now that I've read them in context, and he's expounded on the subject, I can fully back him, solely on his beliefs regarding religious freedom. I completely and in every way agree with him.
Specifically this is what has won me over -
"non-discrimination and religious freedom are not opposing forces, but can instead go hand in hand.
I want to be clear. I believe we can, and must, strike a balance between our shared American values of religious liberty and freedom from discrimination. My concerns lie with the possible consequences of politically-driven legislation which claims to promote religious liberty but instead rolls back the legal protections held by LGBT Americans.
This does not in any way diminish my respect for and commitment to the legitimate protection of the right to believe, to practice and to express deeply-held religious beliefs."
"America is big enough to accommodate differences of opinion and practice on religious and social beliefs. As a nation and as a society, we must reject discrimination, forcefully and without asterisks.
Most importantly, as president I will zealously defend the Constitution of the United States and all of its amendments."