Thursday, March 30, 2017

Love Trumps Bigots and Hate

This story about a so-called Mormon, pro-Trump blogger makes me sick. 
The most important statement in this whole piece is literally the very last sentence. Good riddance. 
I've had my own run ins with this woman. A few months ago, before the election, she targeted me on Twitter, sending me dozens of hateful messages, telling me I was going to hell for not supporting Trump. 
(Just one of the many reasons I will never support him.)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sean Spicer's Debut on the Swing State Voter Blog

I majored in Political Communication and Broadcast Journalism in college. Or as my university adviser once put it, I majored in "spin doctor."
For people in my area of studies, and eventual career, the White House Press Secretary is a revered position, with the person holding the office an icon.
We looked to that job as a role model. Someone who lives under a severe microscope and handles pressure with grace and class. Someone who sets the tone, brand, and style of a whole nation.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Kellyanne Conway's Feet

Kellyanne Conway daily personally brings down the level of propriety and dignity of the White House. 
In any other professional scenario in a room full of professional leaders, if ANY person or man sat like that on the couch, it would be considered rude, impolite, and improper. And without any sexism whatsoever, it's NEVER appropriate for a a female over the age of 5 to sit like that in a dress in public! Period!! For a woman of her age and office to be sitting like that in LITERALLY THE HIGHEST OFFICE IN THE LAND is absolutely shameful!!
Show some respect, woman!

Let's Connect!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Utah and the Zion Curtain

Another excellent example of Republican legislators who have forgotten what it means to be Republicans, and in this case, they think they are the Morality Police. (A job they certainly weren't elected to do.)
 In short, the Utah Legislature has expanded the "Zion Curtain," to now include a "Zion Moat." (A name they apparently find offensive, but it's beautifully appropriate and descriptive.)
Previously (to help the state get the winter olympics) they had "opened up" liquor laws to allow restaurants to serve alcohol. If a restaurant wanted to serve alcohol (and most do), they had to put a wall or barrier between the bar area and the eating area, primarily so children couldn't see drinks being made or consumed. (I'm not joking.) This wall came to be known as the Zion Curtain.
Now they have expanded it by saying you don't have to have a Zion Curtain if instead you just create a 10 ft buffer area from the bar where minors are not allowed at tables (unless accompanied by an adult), or build a half-wall or railing, at least 42 inches high, that creates a delineation between the dining and liquor-dispensing areas. The new buffer zone has come to be known as the Zion Moat.
"What this bill does is establish parameters under which restaurants can operate and keep children away from alcohol," Sen. Jerry Stevenson, the Senate sponsor, said. "It keeps kids away from the bars and the mixing area and works to prevent overconsumption by patrons."
Exactly how this helps to prevent "overconsumption" (which, by the way, isn't a word) isn't exactly clear.
And really, how does not seeing drinks being made keep a child from drinking it? (Especially if their parents can still order and drink alcohol at their table?) (Note: I am not in anyway suggesting that parents shouldn't be allowed to drink.)
But then because the Utah legislature just can't help but be hypocrites in every possible way, they added this to the bill-
Restaurants serving alcohol are now allowed to be closer to community locations (churches and schools where minors are found)— dropping from the current 600 feet distance to 300 feet.
And again, just further proof that Republicans in this state don't know how to be Republicans, this new bill would boost the state markup on liquor from 86% to 88%. The markup on heavy beer sold in liquor stores would go up from 64.5% to 66.5%. Utah consumers already pay the highest markup on wine — and the sixth highest on spirits — among the country's 17 liquor-control states and one county.
Republicans who raise taxes, and create even more government control and interference in personal choices- that's Utah for you.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Republican Leadership Have Lost Their Minds

Have the Republican leadership completely forgotten how to be Republicans? 
This is an absolutely terrible bill. Instead of coming up with a bill that helps provide access to healthcare, and makes insurance and/or insurance more affordable, it raises the cost of coverage for those who let coverage lapse (which is more often than not the individuals who couldn't afford it so they had to stop paying), and puts in more government involvement. 
Pres. Trump never made any promises about his future plan except "it would be the best plan ever."
This is what happens when you vote for a man who never laid out any actual plans, just empty promises. And a man who values his own ego and checkbook more than party values or the citizens of his country.