Sunday, November 20, 2016

Focusing My Energies

For everyone questioning or wondering why everyone else can't just accept that the election is over and we have a president-elect I share the following-
Many of us cannot sit back and accept the outcome. We saw this election as a choice between two evils. And now, one of those evils has won. We have a target and a direction to point our battle now. Before there were too many options to fight. But now we have our candidate. We have our target. We know which agenda we must stand up against. We know which candidate to focus our energies on.
The battle is not over. The battle has just begun.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


The man who coined the term "libtard" and publishes racist, white nationalist articles is now an adviser to our next POTUS.
The national nightmare continues.
And the comparisons of Trump to Hitler become more real.

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Thanks for rational, kind, and logical conversation.

Tonight I shared a link to a news article out of the U.K. about Melania Trump. Personally, I found it to be an interesting article about her background and what we could expect from her. Primarily, it talked about her modeling background. And it talked a lot about how Donald Trump talks about how beautiful she is to him. 
I shared the link from my phone, wrote a quick post (in its entirety "here's your family values."), and moved on. I didn't notice that the picture that generated with the link was a very risque photo from the story. Now, in my defense, the story had a lot of pictures, so I had no way of knowing that this completely nude photo would generate.
It was and is completely out of character for me to share something of that nature. But rather than someone actually privately contact me and say, "Hey, Erin, are you sure you meant to post that? It's a bit lewd." Or even publicly comment that they were sure I'd never post nude photos, instead, people started to harass me over it.
As of this moment I haven't deleted the post yet, and there are over 20 comments and climbing - everyone arguing and insulting each other and me.
I would have pulled the post down immediately had the insults not started so quickly. I don't normally tolerate such behavior. And I really and truly feel bad that I posted such a risque picture.
But something else stood out to me. First, that more than one friend that came to my defense pointed out that normally I am rational online. And I am grateful for that because I really do try to be rational when explaining politics.
The second thing that stood out was that it was very obvious that not one person read the article. They just jumped in with the arguments without actually knowing the facts.
And now I am watching friends from every side of my life argue with each other. And I hate that.
But I don't want to stop talking politics. Just because the election is over, doesn't mean the issues have gone away. This election cycle exposed some deep wounds in this country. To stop talking about them now is to put a band-aid over an infected, gaping wound. Wounds don't heal like that. They fester and get worse.
We need to keep talking. We need to work things out. 

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Civic Trust = Higher Welfare?

Food for thought-
In countries where there is a high level of social or civic trust, (meaning that they trust the government to take care of them, they don't expect fraud, and they trust strangers more often), people look alike. For instance, Asian countries, and Northern European countries.
Think about that for a second. When people think or believe that the welfare dollars being spent on people who look like them, or presumably are more like them in most ways, they don't mind being taxed.

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