Friday, November 18, 2011

Someone tries to say something bad about Romney (and fails)

Mitt Romney Virginia
Mitt Romney. Linked to source: Talking Points Memo

Talking Points Memo may have attempted to dig up some dirt on Mitt Romney. But the so-called dirt actually makes me like Mitt more. The well-documented story goes that Romney gave a job to a man who made a mistake, paid the price publicly for it, and made amends. Sure, it was a high-profile position for a major corporation. But does that really matter?
Is this even dirt? Or is it just trying to stir up trouble where trouble doesn't exist?
Personally, I admire the fact that Romney gave the man a second chance, and that he recognized top talent and put it in the right place. It should also be noted that Romney didn't act alone. A full board of directors unanimously voted the man into his position. But sure TPM, try to make it sound like Romney gives jobs to "scandal plagued" men. The guy made one mistake, the charges were dropped, he still paid the price, and from there went on to be a great businessman. Hardly dirt. 

Source: Talking Points Memo "How Mitt Romney Revived a Scandal-Plagued CEO's Career"

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