Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fantasy Presidential Predictions

Over on the Motley Fool today I wrote about "Putting Stock in Politics" and how futures trading on politics is, in my humble opinion, nothing more than glorified gambling. If you want to have a little legal fun, with no money exchanged, with a fantasy presidential campaign pool, check out Fantasy Prez.
On this fun site you can make your predictions regarding the presidential race. The Iowa window has closed, but you can still put in your picks for other primaries and caucuses. You can check out my results (as soon as Iowa takes place) on the site where I am listed as "Swing State Voter."

Have you followed the new story about Mitt Romney being unwilling to disclose his campaign's tax information? What do you think about it? Does it make you doubt him? Do you think he should have to disclose it? Are you aware that he legally has no obligation to do so? What information do you think he might be hiding? Or do you think he's hiding anything at all?

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