Monday, January 23, 2012

The importance of double checking sources- different numbers!

Here's an excellent example of why you should always double check your sources and get more than one source when citing numbers, and why you should never trust just one news source. Three major, and usually reliable, news sources are providing different numbers on what the current GOP delegate count is- CNN even has 2 different pages with different numbers!
To be able to understand the differences in these numbers (which actually are all right) you have to know the finer points and rules of delegate allocation. The best explanation I have found for this is on the Washington Post here.
So which of the following counts should you believe? I'd go with the Washington Post. It is including the "pledged" delegates from future primaries/caucuses that have not yet been held.

CNN delegate calculator

Source: CNN
A different CNN page with delegate calculator
Source: CNN
Washington Post Delegate Counts
Source: Washington Post
NY Times delegates!
Source: New York Times

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