Thursday, March 8, 2012

KONY 2012 Taps Mitt Romney - how should he respond?

The KONY2012 movement has identified Mitt Romney as one of the key policymakers who could make a difference in stopping Joseph Kony. (I find it interesting that they did not list him under culture makers with the other millionaires.) 
I would like to raise the question-
How should Mitt Romney (and/or the other candidates) respond to this? Is it appropriate for a man who is not the nominee to do so? What difference would it have on his campaign? Would it be seen as caving to public demand? And if he were to get behind the movement, would his involvement actually change anything?
I am not asking the question whether or not this cause should be supported. (There is only one answer to that- YES!)
I do not pretend that I do not show my bias on this blog. When it comes to human rights and international relations, I do not fall in line with any political party that I am aware of. I am a very strong and firm believer in the power of grassroots, NGOs, and non-profits when it comes to making a difference in the human rights arena. This is one time where my bias is so strong that I know I cannot see the opposing side. I cannot say whether or not this cause falls into line with GOP or Democrat values. I just know how very strongly I believe in the action. And so, I raise the question and ask for feedback. I want to hear what other people think about a political candidate getting involved. And/or whether or not they support this cause.


  1. Personally, I think he should become involved. Not BECAUSE he is a candidate, but because it is a VERY VERY important cause and that as a (frankly) rich and famous (and therefore influential) person. If he has the means to do something, he should. It's not about politics.

  2. Mit should get on board with stopping Kony. He probably isn't/wasn't aware of him or what is happening. I wasn't until this morning.

    My question is once Kony is gone - something has to take his place. What is/will be done to ensure Knoy's legacy is replaced by something good - not another warlord?


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