Saturday, March 24, 2012

Louisiana Partial Primary Caucus Today

According to the website I found this on, it is a map of Louisiana "counties." Seeing as they don't have counties in LA, I'm pretty sure it is a map of LA parishes.
There are 46 delegates up for grabs in Louisiana today, of which 20 will be awarded proportionally. Party rules require that a candidates get at least 25% the popular vote to qualify for at-large delegates. Some delegates will remain unbound if candidates don’t meet the 25 percent threshold. The remaining delegates will be divvied up through a caucus and state convention next month. (This is a part of what I like to call Santorum Math- the ability to not win in a state, but still say you might win it later.)

Polls close at 9pm. None of the candidates are in Louisiana though.

A Public Policy Polling survey conducted Wednesday and Thursday found-
Santorum 42%
Romney 30%
Gingrich 21%

A Rasmussen poll this week gave Santorum 37%, Romney 24%.  

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