Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sign the Petition Against Lawrence O'Donnell

On April 3rd 2012, Lawrence O’Donnell crossed the line. In a piece supposedly about difficulties Mitt Romney will face in a general election, he spewed outright lies about the LDS Church, and dove head first into slander.
As one of the 14 million people slandered and offended by his bigotry, I encourage you to sign the petition to MSNBC for remedial action against O'Donnell. The fact that this was even allowed to be said, so completely full of lies, is shameful!



  1. Citing history is slander now? My my don't we live in a fantasy world.

  2. What he said was FAR from history. His comments about Joseph Smith are entirely factually wrong. The Church was founded YEARS before the supposed event even took place.

  3. Erin, what do you mean: "The Church was founded YEARS before the supposed event even took place?" What event? That Joseph Smith's wife caught him having sex with his maid? I don't get it.

  4. Going on the assumption that supposedly Joseph Smith got caught with his maid, (sarcastic comment here- because he had so much money he could afford a maid?? he was so poor they often lived in other people's homes!) which led to starting a religion in order to justify polygamy, I'm jumping off and saying that the Church was founded several years BEFORE polygamy was ever brought up or introduced. Which makes O'Donnell (and the anonymous commenter) wrong on multiple levels. Even if there was the tiniest fraction of truth to the maid story (which is a story I've never heard before, and I've heard a lot of anti-mormon stories involving polygamy and Joseph Smith), it would still be wrong based on the timeline of when the Church was founded and when polygamy began.


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