Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Arkansas and Kentucky Primaries Tonight

Just so no one thinks I really believe Arkansas is all bigots and rednecks, here's a picture of a pretty place I once visited when I had the great misfortune of living in that miserable state.

It will be a while before we can expect to see all-night election return coverage on the news networks. But politics junkies can still find coverage online when the want it.
Tonight, Tuesday night, Kentucky and Arkansas will take to the primary polls to choose between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. And possibly between Obama and a mystery write-in candidate in Arkansas. Contrary to the rumors, no, that person is not me. 
Romney still needs 800 delegates to clinch the nomination. Paul needs almost a thousand more. But you just keep trying, Rep. Paul! You're just the little engine that could, or couldn't. Probably couldn't. 
And here's a shocking piece of information- whichever Republican candidate wins Arkansas will probably be able to rely on getting all 6 of their electoral votes in the fall, as the state tends to be historically Republican.
I feel I should say something to acknowledge that hideous Washington Post article I already posted about to point out that at least 60 people in Arkansas are bigots that don't like Romney based solely on religion due to a scuffle 120 years ago. But that would just be a waste of my time, now wouldn't it?
As for the primaries, Arkansas has 36 total delegates; 33 tied to May 22 primary; 3 Unpledged RNC delegate. And Kentucky has 45 total delegates; 42 tied to May 22 primary; 3 Unpledged RNC delegates.
If you love politics just so much that you would want to follow the Arkansas and Kentucky returns online, Mashable has a list of them here for you.

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