Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mitt Romney Bad Boy?

The rumors are true. Mitt Romney has a criminal record.
But does it earn him any street cred? (No, it really doesn't.)
BuzzFeed's Andrew Kaczynski first reported the (really disappointing) story.
The story goes that in 1981, the Romney clan was out for a pleasure cruise in eel-infested waters.

Okay, so maybe not eel-infested waters, but I had to do something to make this story more exciting.
Really, the family was on a lake in Massachusetts.
As the someday governor of that state went to put his boat in the water, a park officer told him not to launch, because the license number on the boat appeared to be painted over, and he would face a $50 fine.
Romney blatantly and wholly disrespected the law and got in the water anyway. And by that, I mean to say he felt the number was visible, and he hadn't been told not to get in the water, just that he would get a fine if he did, and let's face it, he probably had 4 cranky kids and an annoyed wife by that time, so he got in the water anyway.
The park officer came back and using what little tiny bit of authority the park service had bestowed upon him, handcuffed Romney, and arrested him for disorderly conduct.
Can't you just see it? Mitt and Ann and four little boys raising hell over their little boat? Hair all floppy in the wind, collared shirt askew, kids in diapers crying for attention?
Yes, it is true. Mitt Romney really is in touch with the common man.
However, it is a little piece in the Stanford Review that really shows Romney's rebellious side-
"In 1966, Romney and some other students held a protest on campus — not in opposition to the Vietnam War, but in support of the draft," Kyle Huwa wrote for the Stanford Review. "Though they’re probably being used against him today, the photos … show a conservative willing to go against the mainstream in an era when such a position was very unpopular, an admirable act in my mind."
As for Romney's embarrassing criminal record (even if only for how boring it can be), the charges against him were dropped and officially dismissed in February 1982. At Romney's request, the records were also sealed, making them unavailable for public inspection.
Poor Mitt. How will he ever hold his head up at the yacht club again?

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