Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama supports gay marriage. Wait. You mean he didn't already?

I'm not sure which part I am more surprised about - the fact that President Obama had not yet come out in favor of gay marriage, or the fact that everyone is so surprised that he did.

Is it really all that shocking that a liberal Democrat, in an election year, is for gay marriage?

Let's discuss this one on straight up facts for a second.

Apparently until yesterday, he had publicly been against it, but his feelings were "evolving." Now let's be honest, how many people in this country can really and truly say that their feelings over same sex marriage and same sex equality haven't evolved over the past few years? Even the most ardent of anti-gay marriage opponents have let up a little on same sex equality when it comes to partner benefits, etc. Many have even come around to say that "they have no problem with gays," but for religious reasons oppose same sex marriage.
Because "evolving" feelings on same sex marriage is completely normal, you will not hear me complain about that.

So here's the thing, Republicans and media types, are already saying this will "hurt" the president. Really? How exactly? Were the conservative, pro-family types going to vote for him and won't now? Exactly what demographic did he just lose?

For those who will somehow say that Obama's gay marriage announcement was all staged and planned out starting with the VP Biden flub on the subject last week, I say again, really? You think that? Seriously? You think the President wanted it to come out via his VP, and not in a big, showy speech before a table of fundraisers or on television somewhere? No, Obama got outed accidentally, and no, I don't mean that in a gay "outing" sort of way. Not a play on words.

Obama had little to gain by coming out on the subject, except for a few more fundraising dollars. But he was going to get the support of that demographic already, because you know they weren't going to support Mitt Romney.

Personally, I think this may be a big story today, but when everyone wakes up tomorrow, they'll realize, it was anything but a big story.

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