Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shame on MSNBC!!

I was about to claim that I have never used MSNBC as a source on this blog. But I wanted to make sure, therefore, I utilized incredibly simple research methods of typing "MSNBC" into the top left search box.
As it turns out those combinations of letters have been used 7 times on this site. Four of those times it was to draw attention to anti-Romney pieces they ran. Pieces that showed so much bias that the news network itself became the news story, and not Mitt Romney.
My point is that it is not hard to be honest and truthful. Someone needs to explain that to MSNBC!
After seeing the following clip that is so doctored and biased to the point of being fiction, I don't know how anyone can ever trust MSNBC again. It gives a bad name to all of journalism, and digs a hole so deep, they will never climb out. What could they possibly say to justify this editing?

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