Monday, June 11, 2012

The Stock Market of Public Opinion

Meanwhile, on the stock market of public opinion...
Perhaps you have seen it already – that annoying Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) piece of spam that has been copied and pasted over and over again, “warning” you that Facebook is now a public company, and as a result the government, evil corporations, and aliens from outer space will now be able to access all of your personal information that you willingly and personally entered into your profile, and will exploit you for their own greedy personal gain.
I wrote once before about how I was excited about the possibilities of Facebook users as Facebook shareholders. I was excited about what it would mean for the website overall, if the users had the voting power of the shareholders. Not often enough are shareholders also active users or customers of the companies they invest in. The combination of enlightened and educated masses making decisions that would both benefit the company financially, as well as improve services to the users excited and thrilled me.
Because I forgot to take into consideration the idiots who pass around internet memes like they are some sort of Bible.

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