Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bigotry in America

Check out my article on "Bigotry in America" for Meridian Magazine.
A recent Businessweek cover has brought out the swift ire of many people.
The article, “How the Mormons Make Money,” by Caroline Winter – is an in-depth look into the business side of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The article focuses on the business aspects of the Church (as is the editorial mission of the publication), including the property and stock holdings, business subsidiaries, and tax benefits.
Overall the article, from a completely business analysis standpoint, is fairly neutral, but at times critical, and at other times fair. However, it is the cover of the magazine that raises questions. It is so blasphemous and bigoted as to stain the stone of the entire article. It is a caricature of the beloved painting of John the Baptist bestowing the Aaronic priesthood upon Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery. The thought bubble next to John the Baptist reads, “… and thou shalt build a shopping mall, own stock in Burger King and open a Polynesian theme park in Hawaii that shall be largely exempt from the frustrations of tax.” Beside Joseph Smith the thought bubble replies, “Hallelujah.”
The artwork for the article passes the lines of decency and is insulting to all Mormons, if not all religions. It should never be acceptable to mock or belittle the sacred beliefs of any religion. To do so against Mormons is a slap in the face to all churches. However, it is highly unlikely that any other church would ever be so openly mocked. 

Read the rest at Bigotry in America.

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