Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Voting with my lady parts?

President Obama (and others) have encouraged women to "vote with their lady parts."
Yes, I get the point. He wants women to vote for him, the candidate, who has more open and liberal women's rights pertaining to contraception and "women's health.*"
But here's the thing, when did thinking with a sex organ ever lead to a smart choice?
Oh, that's right.
In fact, don't we actually spend a lot of time trying to convince our friends not to think down south and use their heads instead??
And why would anyone want to ever vote one-note? One cause voting? It's the liberal equivalent of voting strictly on gun rights! Can you even imagine the outcry if the other candidate launched a campaign that said, "vote with your trigger finger?"
You also want to know why "voting with your lady parts" is just plain stupid? The POTUS has very little influence over such things. Congress, the Supreme Court, and state legislators have a lot more influence. Oh and so do doctors. If you are concerned about your lady parts, see a doctor, not a politician.

*I hate the term "women's health." No one is against women having good health. Just like no one is against men's health. This is one of the stupidest terms in recent history. How about we call it what it really is? Reproductive and sexual health would be a better term for it.

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