Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Draft Romney to Rescue Detroit!

You know what is wrong with this-  Let's Draft Romney to Rescue Detroit (Fox News)

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

In fact, every single word of it makes sense!

"... Detroit is effectively bankrupt and the governor of Michigan is about to appoint a receiver to try to save the city..."

"I’m betting Romney will turn the Detroit economy around, just like he turned a failing, bankrupt Salt Lake City Olympics into one of the great successes in Olympic history. And we already have a precedent -- Ronald Reagan turned around Jimmy Carter's malaise, misery and 21.5% interest rates in record time. He turned an economic disaster into the greatest economic expansion in history (adding 20 million jobs)."

Governor Snyder, are you listening? 

Where's the petition? I want to sign!

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