Friday, December 2, 2011

Anybody But (Women for) Cain

Linked to source: Talking Points Memo

When I started this site I said I was going to attempt to be open-minded and not attack anyone candidate. Sure, I have a favorite, and sure, my bias shows. But I know he may not win, and so I am open-minded to being swayed in the direction of another candidate. I'm more pro-the-cause, less pro-the-candidate.
That was all until I read this article, "Herman Cain Launches 'Women for Cain' With Brutal Attacks on Husbandless Accusers."
As a single woman, I can't even begin to express how much I strongly dislike this man. I've now completely changed my opinion about supporting all of the candidates. My new current mission? Make sure anyone BUT Herman Cain wins.
Does he really think that launching "Women for Cain" at this juncture is really going to convince people that he's not a womanizer, cheating, horrible man?
Sorry, Mr. Cain. Ain't going to happen.
The photo above is linked to its source at Talking Points Memo. And yes, they made it look a little creepy. But the banner of the women? That's for real! That really came from his new webpage. Does he really think a photo of a bunch of young women is going to help his womanizer cause??
This man and his staff are so cocky and full of themselves that they have completely lost touch with reality!
Anybody but Cain. ANYBODY BUT CAIN.

And just for fun- 2 more screen clips from his site-
First, here's the top of his page. Encouragement??? Unreal.

And then from the bottom of the front page- Ginger White: Another LOSER???
Who the hell does this man think he is calling his accuser a loser?

I'll tell you who the loser is, Mr. Cain. It is you!

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