Friday, December 2, 2011

Seriously, Herman Cain?

Seriously, Herman Cain, seriously? You want us to believe that for thirteen years you had a "friendship" with a younger woman, called her and texted her late at night (ahem, 4 am), gave her money from time to time, and your wife never knew about her! Sure! Because men have relationships for thirteen years with younger women that their wives don't know about! That sounds completely on the up and up!

You know, if the story had been that she was just an acquaintance that he kept in touch with, maybe I'd believe him. But no "friend" calls at 4 am. (In my case they wouldn't be a friend anymore if they did call at 4 am.)

The second you start sending your "friend" money to help out, and never mention it to your wife, it becomes suspicious.
You're making the GOP look like the sex scandal party, and not the family values party.

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