Thursday, December 1, 2011

Is Mitt Romney a Flip-Flopper?

Is Mitt Romney a flip-flopper? The answer lies in which source you choose to believe, and how far out of context you are willing to reach. Not to mention, not taking into account what had developed between statements.
The Washington Post writes an interesting piece on Romney's "changing" stance today. But even as you read it, you do have to stop and take note of how often they say, "This is a stretch," and "From the context..." or "Ancient history."
The WaPo piece is in response to the new DNC ad, "Mitt v Mitt." Even the DNC loving Washington Post has to conclude at the end of their piece that of the DNC's accusations, only 3 of the 10 were correct. (Which is to say that out of 10 supposed flip-flops, 3 were true, 7 were not.)
What can we really conclude from this? The DNC lies.

And if you really want to read an incredibly negative and harsh commentary on Romney's positions, check out the "Mitt Romney Pardon" by the New York Times, where Gail Collins manages to say things like "start wheeling him around in a laundry hamper," and "He is generally kept so far away from one-on-one interviews that he might as well be wrapped in cellophane. While stuffed in a laundry hamper. Which would eventually be installed in a campaign bus that could just drive around states that are in play, while never actually leaving the highway. Never have we had a more uptight potential president."
Yeah, cause that's fair and unbiased news reporting right there!

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