Thursday, January 5, 2012

Next stop- New Hampshire

Mitt Romney has an extreme lead in New Hampshire. A lot of people are asking whether or not Rick Santorum can build on his Iowa momentum to make something big happen. Honestly? I'm not at all concerned about Santorum. It is the Fighting Paulies I would be concerned about. I don't know that Ron Paul can gain 20 points in under a week, or enough to be a threat to Romney. But if he gets much more strength, he becomes a real threat to Newt Gingrich, stealing any thunder he may have left. I think the Michele Bachmann support will mostly swing over to Santorum, and that Santorum will also be a threat to Gingrich. (I think Jon Huntsman will be only a one hit wonder in NH and not a real anything anywhere.) In short, I think it will be Rick Santorum that will be Newt Gingrich's undoing!

Meanwhile, "the Mormon Question" has surfaced again. *Deep Sigh.* Apparently my encounter in the bookstore yesterday was not all that unique. The Washington Post, Washington Times, and as I sit here watching TV, Soledad O'Brien on CNN, are all talking about "Romney's Faith."

Ugh, sigh, grr, really?

Some facts for you -
There are 14 million members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints worldwide.
Approximately 6.1 million of them live in the United States.
More than half of LDS are NOT American!
1.2 million are in Mexico
1.1 million are in Brazil
1.6 million LDS live in Utah, which is 60% of the 2.8 million people in Utah
24,000 LDS in Iowa, and at least one of them voted for Santorum
8,231 LDS in New Hampshire (at least two of them are Romneys)

75,546 people voted for Mitt Romney in the 2009 New Hampshire primary.
25,000 dairy cows in New Hampshire
1 newspaper asking "would LDS Church influence Romney if president?"
15 members of Congress and 1 governor are LDS
0 questions by the media asking how often the prophet picks up the phone and "tells" LDS elected officials what to do
0 times a member of the LDS leadership has ever told me what to do or say in my job
0- the number of times I expect to ever have that happen

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