Saturday, January 14, 2012

South Carolina Campaign Trail

My first day on the campaign trail-
Even at 5pm on a Saturday the phone was ringing like crazy. I just jumped right in and started answering the phone. No script, no idea what I was doing. Just picked it up and went for it. The first thing I learned? "Somebody" sent out a letter from a gun owners group saying Romney is anti-gun. Thing is, he is pro-gun. So lots of angry callers calling to complain that he's anti-gun. We got a copy of the letter finally, and apparently of the 6 candidates it claims only Ron Paul is pro-gun. Hmm... I wonder who paid for that mailing?
And only a few hundred callers calling to say "this number showed up on my caller ID, who is this?"
Somewhere in the middle of the 200 calls I answered in under 3 hours, a radio show called me. I won't say their name, but you can find them here. First, I'm glad I actually grabbed that call. I was missing more calls than I was able to catch because the phones were so crazy. It would have looked bad if they had called and it went to voice mail. But then, they really weren't looking to do a fair or honest interview. They were calling a state office, and didn't ask to speak to an official spokesperson. (Real professionals would have called the national hq and asked for a press person.) I pulled their website up while speaking to them, and very quickly realized they were going to try anything they could to make Romney look bad. They also never told me whether or not we were on the air. Nonetheless, I just rolled through the punches. Lots of questions about, "Is it true Mormons think..." "Do you think a Mormon can be trusted in the..." Things like that. Nothing actually about what Romney stands for politically. Somewhere in there I messed up and said, "We believe," instead of "He believes." Oops. Next thing you know, I'm getting hit with the Mormon questions. Whatever. I think I handled it well. And got the approval of everyone within earshot when I hung up. It's always fun to be back in the hot seat. But then, considering their website looks straight out of 1999, I'm not too concerned.
We have truckloads of volunteers coming down this week. Things are looking really good. Romney has a huge lead down here, and everyone else is so busy attacking Romney that they are forgetting to make themselves look good.
I'm looking forward to getting back to work in the morning and trying some real BBQ soon!

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