Saturday, February 11, 2012

Go Mitt Go!

Mitt Romney wins Maine caucus (Photo Credit: E McBride, at SC election night party)

Mitt Romney won in Maine's Republican presidential caucuses today! And he won the overly-hyped CPAC straw poll.
Romney received 39% of the vote in Maine, with Ron Paul just 294 votes behind him (36%). Rick Santorum finished third, with 18 percent, and Newt Gingrich finished fourth, with 6 percent.
Maine is another beauty contest where the delegates (24 total, but 3 are dedicated, so really only 21 delegates up for grabs) are not bound by the results of the caucuses,
 Nonetheless Maine combined with winning the CPAC straw poll is an important win for Romney. (If winning the facade states of Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado, were important to Rick Santorum, winning Maine has to be important to Romney for the same reasons).
Romney won Maine in 2008 with 52% of the vote. 
More than it being an "important win" for Romney, it is a big blow for Ron Paul, who hasn't had a big win yet. This was his first big chance to win, and he had put in a lot of effort to winning in Maine (since no one else was putting in an effort). 
We now get a 17 day break before the next two big primaries in Arizona and Michigan. As of right now (with no real data to back it up, only hearsay) it is expected both states will go to Romney. Michigan being his "home" state, with deep family ties. And Arizona because it is a heavily Mormon state, and everyone assumes all Mormons vote for Romney like a bunch of lemmings.
Heaven only know what will play out in the next two weeks with contraception and the budget now becoming key issues, and there will be (another) CNN debate before the next primary day. It's almost as if CNN ran out of programming ideas and can't stop hosting debates. 

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