Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week of February 27- Arizona and Michigan Polls

It is time to take one last look at the Arizona and Michigan polls before the primaries on Tuesday.

Going in alphabetical order, we'll start with Arizona. I've learned my lesson with saying things like "Romney has it all locked up," but in this case, he might. It is hard to imagine that Romney doesn't win in Arizona. 

Michigan is still anybody's ballgame. Romney's current lead is just too close to call, especially with a new poll coming in saying that Santorum has a 4 point lead. My guess is that we are in for another late night of election returns coming right down to the wire- and a temper tantrum, insult, and lack of a congratulatory call from Gingrich.

James Carville wrote a very interesting opinion piece for CNN this week that almost calls into question his sanity. If I am reading it right, he actually implies that Santorum could win in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. Specifically he said, "And Mitt is your only hope because Santorum is going to be part of a seven-state strategy. He can carry Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. That's about it." It is a poorly worded statement, leaving it open to the possibility that maybe he means Romney. But if he really does think that Santorum will even get one vote in Utah, he's absolutely crazy. I know I've complained more than once about people assuming all Mormons will vote for Romney. But come on, you don't really think the man that has actually insulted Mormons is going to beat a Mormon in Utah do you? And I say that as a former recent resident of Utah. (Otherwise, great article!)

Polls taken from Real Clear Politics.

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