Saturday, March 17, 2012

And I Approve This Message

Politics, personal loyalties, and preferences can be fickle beast. I appreciate the comments left on my last post, both here and on other social sharing sites. I know not everyone agreed with me, and that a few of my fellow Romney loyalists were not happy that I didn't stump for him in my tirade. I still stand by what I said.
The following clip is making the rounds today, promoted by Romney fans. Santorum fans are hanging their heads in shame, I am sure. I share it, not to mock Santorum, but to remind everyone, we, Republicans, are all on the same page. After this bitter battle to the convention is over, either the Romneyites or the Santorumites (and the Gingriches in theory), will lay down their arms and join together.
We're all Republicans and we all want the same thing in the end. (Unless you are a Paulite, in which case, you get a pass, because we know you don't want the same thing as the rest of us.)

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