Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm embarrassed for the Republican Party

I'm embarrassed for the Republican Party.
There I've said it. It needed to be said. There is nothing "grand" about the GOP this election season. There have been so many missteps away from the issues that matter, that it is painful to listen.
English for statehood in Puerto Rico?
Moon colonies?
Rush Limbaugh?
Dogs on the roof?
With all of the important issues that need to be addressed in the world today, presidential candidates are talking about requiring English in Puerto Rico? Are you kidding me? Is there anything about that subject that is vital or will make the world a better place tomorrow?
You know what, forget the "world." Let's just focus on making America a better place tomorrow, and ask ourselves which of the following issues discussed by the media and the campaigns this week will actually improve the average American's life tomorrow.

Does Rush Limbaugh speak for Republicans? and Rush Limbaugh joins Twitter.
Mitt Romney calls billionaires friends
English in Puerto Rico

And we're done. That's sad. Really sad. There are no other topics being discussed by the GOP candidates this week, at least not that the media is covering. I blame the candidates. Is this the best they can do? They are in a battle to become one of the most powerful people in the entire known universe, and they can't come up with something more important to say?

How depressing is it that the man who made headlines today for trying to end suffering in the Sudan is an actor? And not a man who is in a race to be the President of the United States?

Sure, human rights and international relationships aren't exactly Republican party favorites. But that doesn't mean they can't start now. There is a major battle going on in Syria- why aren't the candidates talking more about that? We have troops in Afghanistan! Let's talk about the military! Something! Anything but English in Puerto Rico and celebrities on Twitter!

Okay, I admit, it is hard for candidates to talk very much about international relations and military conflicts when they are not privy to intel briefings. And the media likes to ask broad questions but wants narrow answers that can trip up candidates. I get it. Sometimes it is just easier to avoid certain topics like that. So avoid the media and put out a well-written statement explaining how the candidate feels about Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan, etc? Voters don't get to hear enough about what candidates think on international relations until after they are elected. And then that becomes one of the key issues an elected official is judged on. Let's judge them now instead.

I blame Rick Santorum for really messing up the campaign trail by bringing in completely unnecessary issues (like English, Internet porn, etc). He has taken us away from the real, immediate, important issues, and spiraled us into Stupidsville, where he doesn't even have a well-crafted agenda waiting. If you are going to bring up and start a new topic, at least be ready for battle on it!

Mitt Romney doesn't get off scot-free here either. The media has well reported time and time again that he has failed to inspire and motivate the base. As a supporter I took offense to that. But now, I have to admit, I agree. He tries to set himself apart as a great leader, but he has yet to set the tone and the agenda. He seems to constantly be reacting to what is thrown at him, trying to remind people that he has a well-thought out platform on his website, and in his book. But he needs to stop reacting, and go out there and start the conversation. He needs to stop talking about how he was a good leader, and instead go out there and be the party's leader.

I'm not even going to dignify Newt Gingrich's antics with a statement, except to say he too has failed.

The candidates need to set the platform, and bring back the real issues of today. Drop the 1996 issues of English, abortion, and homeschooling. Address today and what will make the world, or at least America, better tomorrow.



  1. Hoorah! Finally a voice of reason. I kept waiting for a dark horse candidate to come out of the woodwork and take the lead -- but it's too late for that now.

  2. I'm a bleeding heart liberal but I really enjoyed reading this. Obama isn't necessarily 100% my guy, but what he lacks on my side is made up by the wildly embarrassing nature of the current state of the republican party. I want someone to come forward who is right of Obama but, well, 100,000% further left than the current republican rhetoric.

    Well written.


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