Thursday, March 15, 2012

Who Said What?

Meanwhile, here are the top stories on Drudge this morning.

Can you guess which of the GOP candidates said what?

1. The idea that the Republicans have to be organized before [the convention] or they will be out of the race I think is a fundamental misunderstanding of television, the internet, you know YouTube, all the things we now communicate with. A very exciting Republican Party that actually talked about ideas and actually had a fight over the platform based on real ideas, I think might be a more interesting party than one which nominates somebody who's boring for five months.

2. And that is that English needs to be the principal language. There are other states with more than one language, like Hawaii, but [for Puerto Rico] to be a state of the United States, English must be the principal language.

3. There will not be a brokered convention.

4. Yadayadayada, gold standard, federal reserve, yadayadayada.

To be fair, the first one was said in 2008. [source]
2 Source
No source for #3 because I heard it live on air this morning.

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