Thursday, May 3, 2012

Romney Does Virginia

I may be incredibly biased on the subject, but I completely agree with Mitt Romney.

"Now politics is underway, it's underway again. You're going to hear it all right here in Virginia. This may well be the state who decides who the next president is." Romney said to an audience in Portsmouth, VA.
In 2008, President Obama won Virginia with 53% of the vote.
Issues discussed by Romney in Virginia-
- Importance of an energy plan that would utilize Virginia's resources including those found above and below the ground
- Military and veterans. (VA has largest veteran population in the U.S.)

Speaking of which, how are the polls in Virginia?
According to a Washington Post poll released today, 51% are Team Obama, and 44% are Team Romney. Interestingly, 66% of Virginians also think the country is on the wrong track. Go figure.

Outside of the great Commonwealth, other people in other states discussed the Romney VP potentials. The more he travels around the country, the more the media speculates the he is auditioning VP possibles.
On this week's list we have-
Senator Kelly Ayotte- toured fishing boats with the Governor this week (New Hampshire)
Governor McDonnell- attended multiple events around Virginia with Romney, including the above in Portsmouth, Wednesday and Thursday.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie
New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez
Wisconsin Rep Paul Ryan
Florida Senator Marco Rubio
former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty
former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush
Ohio Sen. Rob Portman
SC Gov. Nikki Haley

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