Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meet Mitt the Mormon

The uncle I wrote the article about is also the uncle in this picture, taken after we had volunteered in South Carolina. (4 of his 30+ nieces and nephews shown)

Forgive me the silence of the past week. I've been off at Girls Camp, mostly unplugged from the modern world.
I will be back tomorrow with my usual ongoing elections and politics commentary.
Until then, check out the article I edited for Meridian Magazine, "Meet Mitt the Mormon."

Editor's Note: It was 1994 the first time I heard my uncle talk about his friend in Massachusetts who was running for Senate. I remember my first thought at the time was, “My uncle knows a Democrat?” Who else would run for Senate in Massachusetts? I was corrected quickly. A few years later I began to hear about my uncle's old friend and mission associate again when that friend was picked to run the Salt Lake Olympics Committee, and then, when he ran for governor of Massachusetts. To hear my uncle speak of him, his friend was impeccable, courageous, and a dynamic leader. We were southern Virginians who watched the political events of Massachusetts closely. I was intrigued. In 2007, I sat quietly by and watched as my uncle and my father tirelessly worked for Mitt Romney's fledgling campaign. And on April 10, 2012, minutes after we received the word that Former Senator Rick Santorum had dropped out of the race, my father called me. “My little brother was right. Mitt Romney is going to be the President of the United States. He's been saying it for years, and he was right.” 


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  1. Ha! The Skeens. I knew these people in high school and Michael at BYU an they are awesome. Glad to see they are doing well.


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