Thursday, July 5, 2012

Help Put Good Conservative Values into Mainstream Fiction


When was the last time you read a mainstream book where good people didn't have to compromise their values in order to succeed? Where strong family values played a key role? Where a woman didn't have to change who she is in order to get the man?
If you are ready for a strong female main character who comes from a good family, honors her parents, stands up for what is right, and doesn't compromise what she believes in order to succeed, then this is the book for you! We need funding for a trilogy of books that embraces (not disgraces) conservative principles, family values, good religious morals, and makes you believe in family, friendship, love, and the American Dream.
Tee-totaling, conservative Republican, (and virgin), Haley McAdams has been called a lot of things in her life--naïve, innocent, sheltered, old maid--but none of them are true. After surviving a Congressional investigation into her employer, serving as a rescue worker in Haiti, volunteering at the fire department, and enduring two years of unemployment, she has seen more of the real world than most people. She is anything but naïve, innocent, or sheltered. But at 35 and single, she may very well die an old maid.
One day she literally falls into the path of America's Favorite News Reporter, Camden Morrison, and her life hasn't been the same since. She gets caught up in a political scandal that threatens to ruin a presidency while taking both her career and that of her new boyfriend to new level. Will she succumb to the temptations fame, fortune, and the power of success? Or stay true to the beliefs she was raised with?
Her life may appear to be enviable to outsiders, but she quickly learns dating a famous face isn't easy in the age of social media. Not to mention, it takes hard work to keep her career trajectory going upward. And she doesn't want anyone to think she got there because of her famous boyfriend.
Life isn't easy at the top. The exhaustive demands on her time from her family, best friend, job, her second job, and her boyfriend take their toll on Haley. Suddenly she has to ask herself some very big questions. Can she keep her rich and famous boyfriend happy without sex? How much money is enough money to justify operating in the gray areas if it helps other people? And what if those lessons her parents taught her are old-fashioned? Is it time to move on and leave the past behind?
Haley learns a lot about tough decisions and standing up for what she believes in throughout this journey of love, friendship, and hard work.
The writing of this book has been completed. Funding is needed to assist with the final stages of publishing, including hiring an editor, book cover design, procuring an ISBN, etc. With your assistance it will be available for sale within 2-3 more weeks of the end of this campaign.

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  1. Hey, Erin, I don't see a way to contact you directly, but I own (launching the home page tomorrow - blog's already there at, and I'm trying to build a community of conservative fiction writers and readers; if you're interested, email me at kywrite (at) gmail (dot) com. I have a number of conservative writers interested already, and I think this could be a pretty awesome group.


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