Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Unchained Biden

I am not a fan of taking words out of context to make a political ad. So here is what VP Biden said today in Danville, VA about Governor Romney "unchaining" Wall Street, and "putting y'all back in chains."

First, as a Southerner, may I just say the man does not pull off "y'all" correctly, at all.
But more to the point, is the "back in chains" part offensive? Some seem to think it is. I don't think it was a racial insult the way some in the media are making it out to be. I think he's suggesting that if Wall Street has more power the little man will be "chained" somehow. The real Republican response to this should be that under Obama/Biden the country is so heavily regulated that we are "chained" to the government.
Quit with the mudslinging and stick to some real issues.
Last, as a Virginian, I do take offense to Mr. Biden's parting line. "With you – and I mean this, with you, we can win North Carolina again, and if we do, we win the election if we win you!”
Not exactly the thing you say in VIRGINIA. (Also, North Carolina isn't a swing state!)

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