Thursday, March 10, 2016

Coalition for a Civil Society

I spend a LOT of time worrying about the future of our country if Donald Trump gets the GOP nomination. I spend a lot of time analyzing the possible reasons why the other GOP candidates have said they would support him if he becomes the presumptive nominee, and they won't go rogue or third party.
But I'm not a whiner, and I try to be more than just an armchair quarterback. I've been active in politics most of my life, and I know how to get involved and make a difference. I won't just sit around and complain about the direction of politics in this country.
If Kasich, Cruz, or Rubio get the nomination, I can support them. I could vote for any one of them. I'd prefer it be Rubio, with Kasich as my second choice.
But I can't support Trump. Period.
I admit the idea of a brokered convention excites me.
I love the idea of a candidate breaking off and going third party. I accept that that will most likely mean that the Democrats win this cycle. And I'm okay with that. I can endure another 4 years of a Clinton administration. Bill wasn't that bad. (He wasn't that great either, and was definitely the beginning of a serious moral downfall in this country, but he wasn't bad economically for us.)
But during those four years a major overhaul of the political system in this country can finally happen. A third party can grow and gain strength in that time. And we'll finally see a left-middle-right three party system. I WANT that to happen.
I firmly believe that if a new, strong, middle moderate party forms that we will begin to see a move civil and effective dialogue.
In my efforts to be more than just an armchair quarterback, I have a new goal to create a "Coalition for a Civil Society." A coalition to create civil discussion within politics, and raise the bar on the difference between entitled behavior and noble principles.

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