Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hell no, Trump Must Go

It's no secret that I am on a one-woman mission to tear down the Trump. The man disgusts and scares me. In the past few day there have been some very interesting articles about him, in a creative way of not actually being about him.

"The most important skill for any con artist is the ability to lie with complete confidence. People generally feel uncomfortable lying, and they assume that others share their reluctance to fabricate. For this reason, the average person finds it difficult to dismiss a false statement delivered with absolute authority." - The Weekly Standard, "The Art of the Con."

In Utah at a campaign event this weekend the Trump claimed that he "paid the tithing" for some of his employees straight to the Mormon Church for them so they "wouldn't be tempted." If you're Mormon and reading this, you know that's just a bald-faced lie. That's not how tithing works. It's the most ridiculous lie I've ever heard on such a public scale. If you're not Mormon and reading this, ask me privately, and I'll be glad to explain how and why it's so ridiculous.  - Salt Lake Tribune "Trump Questions Romney's Mormon Faith."  Oh, and criticizing or questioning Mitt Romney in Utah to a group of Republicans?? That's just laughably stupid. Talk about not knowing your audience, and self-aggrandizing beliefs. 

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