Friday, May 20, 2016

My independent vote counts

Today it occurred to me how much more my vote counts this year than ever before. Because I intend to vote third party.
Most people would argue right now that a vote for an independent or write-in presidential candidate is a throw away vote. But today I realized that's simply not true.
My vote means more because it sends the strong message of who really represents me and my values.
I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton. She's dishonest. I don't trust anything she says. And plain and simple she just doesn't represent my political beliefs.
I cannot vote for Donald Trump. He's too arrogant, too brazen, and too unreliable to be trusted. He doesn't represent my beliefs morally or politically. I believe a vote for Donald Trump is a vote for the next world war.
I will not follow the half-hearted Republican cry to rally 'round the nominee presumptive. The word "Republican" means nothing to me. I see no reason to stay loyal to a label. I choose instead to stay loyal to my beliefs. I am ashamed of the party leaders who know that Trump is the wrong candidate, and yet are sticking with the party. (I have felt no loyalty to the party for many years. But they particularly alienated me when the evangelicals who run the party began to support the morally defunct Trump - a known philanderer, but couldn't support the Mormon Romney. Talk about unforgivable hypocrisy.)
And that is why my independent vote matters so much more this year. It may not be a tipping point vote that helps pick the next POTUS. But it will send a loud message about who does and will represent my beliefs.

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