Saturday, January 7, 2012

I watch the debates so you don't have to

"Oh it's on like Donkey Kong!" "Donkey Kong? Is that a kid's game?" (linked to source)
Highlights and low lights from the New Hampshire ABC News Debate-

Newt Gingrich-"The sacrament of marriage is at the core of our civilization." This was Mr. Speaker's brilliant commentary on gay marriage, and it did not go over well in the Twitter-sphere. Just a little too hypocritical. Gingrich did get a little bit more respect back for flipping the question around, and pointing out that anti-Christian bigotry is becoming a serious problem, especially when it comes to Catholic Charities being forced to close services because of gay adoptions. Mostly throughout the night he just sounded angry, bitter, and like he was living in the past, when he got a chance to speak at all.

Huntsman: "I have seven kids. I'm glad we're off the contraception discussion."
And that concluded all of his good comments. And he lost major points by speaking in Mandarin Chinese. 

Santorum - "There are no classes in America." He also spent several minutes reminding us that his daddy was a poor coal miner. Santorum managed to say more tonight than he has in all of the previous debates combined. America finally got to hear what the man has to say. It will be interesting to see if he goes up, down, or stays still in the polls as a result.

Paul -He gained and lost points when he defended his chicken hawk accusations of Gingrich. If he had stopped before going too far, he would have made a good point. But he kept digging at it and just ended up coming off as cranky and rude. And not at all like a good leader. 

Romney- (To Huntsman) "While we fought for GOP principles, you implemented Obama policies in China for the past 2 years." Without question he came across as a leader, smart, and confident. He was in the hot seat, and still looked cool and smooth. No question about it, biased or not, he was the winner tonight.

Perry- I'm pretty sure he was there. But I have no idea if he said anything.

The losers tonight? The audience- for being forced to listen to 17 straight minutes of contraception talk. First of all, Moderators, let's get something straight. You were talking to Republicans- you know, that party that likes to make everything a STATE issue, and not a federal issue? So yeah, the answer was going to be, over and over, that IF anybody wanted to actually outlaw contraception, they would do it at the state level, and not the federal level. Oh, and NOBODY cares! Sure, it is a Santorum issue, but not one he's actually trying to campaign on. Shame on the moderators for forcing us to endure that topic! And seriously, where did you think a conversation was going to go with 2 Mormons (with large families), 2 Evangelicals, Mr Constitution, and a Catholic on the stage?

(I won't be covering the Sunday morning debate. Anyone want to do it for me?)

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