Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ron Paul supporters are their own worst enemies

Ron Paul
Ron Paul at the Faith and Freedom Coalition in June 2011, Source: E McBride

Ron Paul supporters are known for two things- excellent social media grassroots mobilization, and being their own worst enemies.
Look at any social networking site and you can find Ron Paul supporters sharing extremist views (which often don't align with the views of their candidate) and a lot of very negative rhetoric. The antics of the supporters make it difficult for less vile people to take Ron Paul very seriously.
Case in point-
Someone has created an absolutely horrible and offensive "ad" attacking Jon Huntsman's adopted daughters. (That is the link to it, but I will not embed it.) Attacking a candidate is one thing. But attacking his daughters? Unacceptable. I wouldn't be mad if someone attacked "Jon's Girls," his older daughters that have made videos themselves. They have chosen to put themselves out there in the public forum, and are of adult age. But his little adopted daughters? It takes a sick and twisted person to go there.
The ad originated with a group called New Hampshire Liberty 4 Ron Paul. They are not an official organization affiliated with the real campaign. But that is what happens when you decide to go the grassroots method for promoting your campaign.
Naturally, the Paulies are screaming and shouting how "they" didn't make this ad, and are calling it a conspiracy by other campaigns and the "liberal media" to shut down Ron Paul. Hello! New Hampshire Liberty 4 Ron Paul has claimed it and owned up to it! How about instead of making Paulies look even stupider you put the pressure on yourselves and your mates to take the high road?
Now sure, maybe some other evil doer wanted to take down both Huntsman and Paul at the same time by making the video and accrediting it to a Paulie. That is somewhat, almost plausible- if you are the kind of person who thinks everything is a conspiracy theory to take down Ron Paul. And the only people who think that way tend to be Paulies.


  1. Ron Paul supporters didn't create that video. It was Jon Hunstman's campaign that created it:

    They also did used the same video with several other candidates:



  2. Thank you for proving my point further.

  3. So-called "Paulies" might be less likely to claim conspiracy theories about the media

    if the media would stop marginalizing and disrespecting Ron Paul, always reminding the audience that "Ron Paul is not a real contender" or even a "real conservative."

    While I support Ron Paul, I do not support an attack on any family of any candidates, and I'm sure Dr. Paul would not either. He is the best candidate for the Republican nomination, and his policies speak loudest of all for that.

  4. Would you mind telling me exactly which point I'm further emphasizing of yours? I'm not a supporter of Ron Paul, but I'm also not influenced by bipartisan politics. I consider myself a fairly objective critic when it comes to politics. The same obviously cannot be said about this blog and the author of it.

    If you'd do a little research, you can find that Jon Huntsman's campaign did in fact release the video and it has been confirmed on many sites. See for yourself:

    If you seriously think this is a conspiracy theory by Paulies, then you're delusional. However, if you can provide some evidence to support your claim, then I may retract my statements.


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