Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mormon v. Mormon (it's only funny when Mormons make the Mormon jokes)

This perfect cartoon will run in the Sunday, Jan 8, 2012 Salt Lake Tribune.

Jon Huntsman, Jr. picked up a noteworthy endorsement from the Boston Globe this past week. Mormon #2 must feel pretty smug about picking up an endorsement from the major paper from the state Mormon #1 governed.
"So let me get this straight, the paper from your home state endorsed me? That's so funny." "Yeah, you're still losing."

But then there is this-

Romney is winning (by a landslide) in polls in Huntsman's home state.

(To be fair, I have googled, searched, and even tweeted the campaign directly to get the source of that poll. I cannot find any polls out of Utah since July.)

Oh and then there is also this-

and this-

But good for Jon Jr for picking up an endorsement from one of the most liberal newspapers* in the country. That should help you get one or two more Republicans to like you.

*From the former editor of the Boston Globe, Renee Loth, "The Globe has a long and proud tradition of being a progressive institution, especially on social issues. We are pro-choice; we're against the death penalty; we're for gay rights. But if people read us carefully, they will find that on a whole series of other issues, we are not knee-jerk. We're for charter schools; we're for any number of business-backed tax breaks. We are a lot more nuanced and subtle than that liberal stereotype does justice to."

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