Wednesday, June 6, 2012

All the news that's fit to (re)print

So many things to say, so little time to say it all in!

Here's the big hitters for the day (in my humble opinion)-

First, I only have so much time in a day, and room in my brain, so I chose to completely ignore whatever it was that happened in Wisconsin yesterday. I hear a Republican won, and that the Washington Post has an interesting interpretation of a "close call."

California apparently doesn't want to tax their cigarettes, not even to pretend to fund cancer research. Or maybe they are just tired of getting overly taxed in that state?

Here in my home commonwealth we term limit our governors. As a result, many of them like to run for the Senate after their term expires. Former Governors Tim Kaine (D) and George Allen (R) are up against each other right now in a neck and neck race for our open Senate seat. Why does this matter? Because first, the balance of the Senate is a big deal and always will be. Second, Virginia politics and friendships are playing an interesting backstory in the Romney VP "race." If current Gov McDonnell were to become the next VP, it would be a very different representation for VA in the Senate if Allen were to win over Kaine. Like I've said before, all politics are local.

(And that being said, I really can't wait for the primaries in VA to be over with next week, so that the incessant robocalls on behalf of Rep Goodlatte will stop! (can't they at least pronounce his name correctly!?))

Has anyone else noticed a resurgence of Former President Bill Clinton showing up in political news lately? My spidey sense thinks something is up. 

Just a few things to think about!

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